Information for families

Every family’s journey is different and unique to them. Throughout this section we will give information to help you face the journey ahead, we will touch on each milestone stage following your child being diagnosed.

Every parent’s nightmare is anything bad happening to their child. To be faced with the prospect of a terminal or potentially terminal illness affecting your child can be somewhat overwhelming.

After you have received the diagnosis for your child a care plan should be drawn up and updated as time progresses.

This is by far the most difficult and testing time of the journey. You will need to be emotionally strong to face this stage and you should make decisions before you get to this stage for your child’s and your family’s needs.

You can never know how you will feel or react after your child’s passing. Most families we have spoken to describe the feeling as an emotional rollercoaster.

Throughout the many years we have been helping and talking to families of seriously ill children Happy Smile have become aware that many parents have the same questions and things that they don’t quite understand.

There are many ways you can help The Happy Smile Children’s Charity. You can become a sponsor or become a fundraiser or offer your services to other families.