You can never know how you will feel or react after your child’s passing. Most families we have spoken to describe the feeling as an emotional rollercoaster. One minute you might feel numb the next minute extreme sadness and feelings of helplessness or even extreme anger. People find their own way to deal with bereavement but you should pre-plan this part and make sure you have as much support as possible.


You might feel like you can’t concentrate on anything, you might not want to do anything at all whereas some people will throw themselves into work and other activities to keep their mind occupied.


Often the relationship between parents can suffer as you are both dealing with your own personal feelings along with trying to help each other whilst consumed with grief. You and your partner are two individuals and should grieve as just that, you both may need to deal with your feelings in completely different ways. It might be that you feel you can’t talk to your partner about your child’s death, that is OK you can talk to other family members.


You might find your other children find it hard to cope, they might nut fully understand the situation and be unable to process the situation. They might not want to talk about their sibling incase it upsets you or they may say things you think are unsuitable, they are just trying to find their own way of dealing with the situation. If you find any family member is struggling to cope then they/you should seek help from the GP or other bereavement charity’s or organisations.


Some parents wonder if they will ever feel ‘normal’ again, will these feelings ever subside or if they should even carry on with life without their child. Many families say the anticipation of and the anniversary of their child passing is an extremely difficult time and this brings back the raw feelings felt when the death happened.


Life will never be the same as it was but that doesn’t mean you should stop living your life, it is essential to surround yourself with as much support as possible.


Check out local support groups in your area, there may be other people who have been through the same situation that can help you.

Every parent’s nightmare is anything bad happening to their child. To be faced with the prospect of a terminal or potentially terminal illness affecting your child can be somewhat overwhelming.

After you have received the diagnosis for your child a care plan should be drawn up and updated as time progresses.

This is by far the most difficult and testing time of the journey. You will need to be emotionally strong to face this stage and you should make decisions before you get to this stage for your child’s and your family’s needs.

You can never know how you will feel or react after your child’s passing. Most families we have spoken to describe the feeling as an emotional rollercoaster.

Throughout the many years we have been helping and talking to families of seriously ill children Happy Smile have become aware that many parents have the same questions and things that they don’t quite understand.

There are many ways you can help The Happy Smile Children’s Charity. You can become a sponsor or become a fundraiser or offer your services to other families.